Know Your Highest Aim Through Yoga

Know Your Highest Aim Through Yoga

Have you ever thought about how yoga helps you achieve your highest aim?

As a mother, I want to raise children into adults who are independent, responsible, kind, and courageous, who know and chose to respond in positive and healthy ways to the challenges and disappointments in life. Yoga helps me on this path by giving me space to quiet and center my mind, to lead by example of making time to care for myself so I have more to give to those around me. Turning inwards allows for the journey of self-discovery to begin. I find myself more balanced in temper. Better at handling the little problems that arise during the day. Life has shown me the impermanence of physical things, but yoga has taught me that this does not necessarily matter.


In today’s western culture

So much push on being the best or the constant demand for more and now, this journey is even more crucial than ever. Things are changing quickly, but the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and pranayama remain active and popular to this day. I don’t think that is surprising. I have seen the positive effects of meditation and breathing exercises in my children—calming them down in stressful situations. Many times, teachers and parents with good intentions can pressure children into pursuing studies or activities that while they may excelle at, they don’t enjoy. I think that by sharing yoga with children and adults, we can create a community of people who follow their passions. And this can then create real, lasting change and positive legacies.



Change can happen at any time, at any age. All that needs to be present is the desire to change, and it will begin. It has been my experience that the practice of even simple asanas brings about positive change in people. It awakens awareness in them, ignites their tapas. This spark, if allowed to continue to grow through the practice and exploration of yoga, helps them develop the dedication they need to achieve their highest potential.


My Hope

It is my hope that as my children grow and start their own lives away from us, they will continue to see the value in these practices, take them with them, and share them with others. Namaste.

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