Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

This November my family and I celebrated our one year wellness anniversary.

We had always considered ourselves to be super healthy — rarely ever get sick, we eat an organic, plant-based diet and avoid GMOs,  shop at organic grocers and local farmer’s markets…even when we lived overseas. And it’s much easier in Europe because their food regulations are much stricter than ours in the USA.  But we weren’t aware of the dangers lurking in our home. Most people really aren’t.

There are ingredients in everyday things like baby lotion, cosmetics, dish soap, dryer sheets… all linked to cancer, infertility, and illness. Did you know this? Neither did I, until I started researching. I’m one of those people who loves reading and keeping up with the latest in health and wellness. Books about yoga, mediation, diets, nutrition + fitness journals, and medical texts line my bookshelves. I should have known. But I didn’t.

When nearly every product has a label like this on it:

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Do you really want that in your home and on your skin? Your children’s skin? Didn’t we learn in elementary school that our skin is the biggest organ in our body? Then why are we okay with this? This realization came to me in one of those moments-of-clarity-while-doing-the-nth-load-of-laundry one spring day.

The next day, when my kids were napping and I was now in a major cleaning mood, I took a trash bag through our home and began to really read labels. Have you done this? You should give it a try. Into the trash bag went candles, over-the-counter drugs, shampoos — anything that was going to negatively impact our health. It didn’t happen overnight, but every month we made baby steps — achievable progress. As we worked through this, we noticed we were feeling better than ever. Clear headed. Just plain happy. My husband was energetic enough to hit the gym every evening, even though he working from 4:30a.m. unill 6p.m.  We began to feel healthy in a way we never had — and you know we are reasonably fit, gym-loving, mostly-vegetarian diet people!

All those little changes added up. Our home now looks completely different. We found a company we trust who uses the purest ingredients around, and that company is Young Living. Thieves Cleaner replaced chemical wipes. Thieves Dish soap replaced my acid green standby, Wool Dryer balls and Lemongrass essential oil replaced dryer sheets. Savvy Minerals cosmetics has now replaced my old Chanel and MAC brands. Little by little, step by step, we did it. And you can too.

Young Living is so much more than just essential oils (you’d be surprised what they can do, and the science behind them is fascinating). Every item I’ve mentioned above, plus more like supplements, kid’s products, men’s products, a whole line for pets…we get it all directly to our front door from Young Living.  And I don’t have to stress about running another errand or if my husband picked up laundry detergent…it’s set to auto order every month. #grateful doesn’t even cover it. It’s that easy.

Now we use essential oils for everything in our home, from seasonal irritations, to first aid type of things, to help regulating hormones and emotions, to enhancing study and homework time, and of course to promote restful sleep! They fit effortlessly into our lives and have changed it all for the better. Things we felt that we had to do for our family’s health—we don’t use those things now. We haven’t needed them once. Our medicine cabinet could not look (or smell!) more different than it did a year ago. #nevergoingback

In yoga there is a concept of Saucha — purity of body as well as the mind. Purity of ingredients, cleanliness of the home. Fill your self up with good, and you get more goodness. Does it make sense to abuse the body, and then deal with sickness when it inevitably arrives? When we care for our bodies everyday by fueling them right, treating them with respect and gratitude, we tend to avoid sickness altogether! It’s such a more peaceful way to live.

I’m inviting you to start a new, healthy, peaceful lifestyle. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make this change. It’s that incredible.

The way we initially got started is the way I’d recommend any family interested in embarking on their wellness journey get started: the Premium Starter Kit.


As a wholesale member, you also get 24% off everything, always, which is hugely beneficial when you’re like me and you want to dip your toe into slowly transforming your home bit by bit.

The starter kit comes with:
-11 of the most widely used essential oils
-A diffuser of your choice
-Sample packets of our favorite antioxidant drink
-Cute little glass bottles
-Learning literature
-You’ll join my fabulous “tribe” of other super supportive women, men, and families (which doesn’t mean you have to be involved in the business side, no worries), as well as endless support on how to get the very most out of your oils, + overall wellness education. Basically, a big ol’fun, oily family.

You can grab your starter kit on my team HERE

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