Travel Knitting– What Do I Bring? Summer 2017 Edition

Travel Knitting– What Do I Bring? Summer 2017 Edition

Traveling knitting–what do you bring?

Ah traveling knitting! Nothing is quite as fun as the excitement of starting a new project in a new or favorite destination, or bringing a project to work on and imbue with happy vacation memories. And of course, souvenir yarn purchases–but that’s almost a whole other topic!


As I write this from my patio, we do have some travel plans on the immediate horizon. This will be our first “traditional American” vacation as a family of five! The excitement of the children is agonizingly palpable as the departure date draws near. Because there is a lot of prep leading up to the trip, knitting is a stolen moment treat right now. Although I really ought to be finalizing the grocery list and doing laundry, it’s far more fun to daydream about what to pack to knit. Should I start a brand new shawl out of the gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres Fools Gold, Hush and Oracle that I just bought? Or be reserved and take only projects that are in progress? And if so how many projects? Restraint is difficult, to say the least.

Projects I’ll bring

So, I’ll pack my Branches and Buds pullover, my fabulous Knit n Slide shawl, and the shawl that I am designing. Branches and Buds is a fun, quick knit. I’m ready to start the hem and the sleeves. The rustic variations of the Harrisville and Brooklyn Tweed yarns are lovely. I’m knitting it in a lovely ashy gray and a lovely mottled chartreuse.


Knit ‘n Slide–oh how I have neglected you! ┬áIt’s going to be such a gorgeous, stunning shawl to wear. I love the colors I picked out for this one, mostly out of Miss Babs Yummy 2ply. I’m using Madeline Tosh Pashmina for the border and Neighborhood Fiber Co for the mohair. It’s a palette of soft neutrals with a pop of rusty orange. If I was going to Rhinebeck this year, this is the shawl I would wear.


The shawl I am designing…I am hoping to have it ready for some test knitters by August. It is a fast, fun shawl to knit and the design flows almost effortlessly. Additionally, it’s all fingering weight yarn and would look gorgeous as a fade or using a palette of three colors. Think texture, lace and brioche.


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