For 2017 my word is going Empower. I will not let the events of the world or things that I cannot control get me down–instead I am going to turn them on their head and use that energy to empower myself and others around me.


It’s going to be a year of education, of experimentation, of stepping out of my comfort zone and forging ahead. It’s going to be a big year of personal growth for my family, as my husband completes his Master’s degree and M.B.A, for my oldest son as he starts his first year of secondary school, and as my middle son starts Kindergarten. A year of big changes as I start to go back to work, doing what I love–empowering people reach their health, fitness, business and personal goals. A year to further settle and get to know our community, as we slowly move away from our military life and step closer to the civilian world. It’s a sigh of relief to not have any really large, life up-ending moves on our radar. Everyone is enjoying the stability and thriving–even the cats!


With that in mind, I always like to start January with a thorough kitchen deep cleanse. I get a thrill from going through the fridge and getting rid of any items that are old (I’m looking at you, costco size Sriracha!), unhealthy (that bottle of Ken’s Honey Mustard dressing…how did that get in here) and giving the fridge itself a deep cleaning. I do the same thing in the pantry and take notes of what we need to restock. We eat a mostly vegetarian diet with occasional meats, so we stock lots of beans, tofu, nuts, protein powders, and whole grains. I usually go through my kitchen equipment and make sure everything is in good working order and see if there is anything I need to replace or donate.


I also go through the spices, essential oils, and our vitamin supplements to make sure everything is fresh and ready to go. Every month I get a wellness box from Young Living, so it’s easy to re-order the oils and supplements my family needs to support their health month to month. My monthly staples are R.C., Thieves (of course!), AgilEase, Super C, Mineral Essence and PowerGize. Then I like to add in a couple other oils, supplements or products depending on our needs or what needs restocking in our house.


What do you do to kick off the New Year? Do you follow a cleanse protocol? Try a new workout or fitness routine? New recipes or foods? Whatever it is, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, get a little scared and try something new. Don’t be afraid of failure–it is all a learning experience.

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  1. scribbleigh says:

    Doing a thorough kitchen cleaning is a great way to start off the new year.

    I’ve got a few personal and professional goals for myself this year! I’m going to try fish (for the first time in like twenty years); I’m reaching out to my local writing community; and I’m applying to graduate schools! There’s some other stuff I’d like to accomplish, too, but those are a good start.

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