About Flaneuse

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Flaneuse, wife to Mr. M, mama to three kids and two cats, and I am so glad you are here–because you must love knitting, yoga, and living a simple, chemical-free lifestyle.

Those three things have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a knitter for over a decade, and my favorite items to knit are shawls, socks and sweaters. My other passion is Ashtanga Yoga, which I have been practicing exclusively since April 2016.

Interested in simplifying  your life and enjoying optimal health for your family and yourself? Me too! I’ve been working with and studying Essential Oils since 2013, and joined Young Living in November 2016. I first learned about  Essential Oils in Germany, where they are more integrated and accepted in day-to-day life.

Visit my shop, where you can buy my handmade aromatherapy bracelets. I make each bracelet by hand out of natural stones and materials. The bands are stretchy–so no fumbling with clasps. 

Looking for some knitspiration,  want to be your healthiest self, or read about my daily life? Then check out my Blog!

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